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complete home inspections

A complete home inspection is conducted during the due diligence time period of a resale home or upon completion of a new construction home, just prior to the walk-through with the builder. Don’t forget that all of our complete home inspections come with four FREE WARRANTIES plus RecallChek for all home buyers.

Our inspector, armed with the most advanced inspecting equipment, performs a complete structural and mechanical analysis, carefully inspecting each of the following:

  • Exterior: siding, trim, exterior doors, windows, gutters, downspouts, deck, landings, sidewalks, driveway, chimney, crawl space, foundation & roof
  • Interior: interior doors, floors, walls, ceilings, windows, kitchen appliances, attic, attic ventilation, attic insulation, basement structure & foundation
  • Plumbing: hot water heater, piping, venting, toilets, tubs, showers & sinks
  • Electrical: main service cable, service rating, main panel box, main disconnect, all wiring, wall outlets, GFCIs, light fixtures & switches
  • HVAC: heating unit, cooling unit, supply and return ducts, room registers & returns
  • Our inspections are conducted according to the ASHI Standards of Practice.

The report includes a detailed analysis of the home, including a summary of items to repair and replace, and also includes digital photos of areas of concern. The inspector reviews the areas of concern at the time of the inspection and then you'll receive a link to access the report the same day as the inspection. 

pool inspections

The inspection includes an overview of the exterior of the pool, the visible areas of the pool shell/coping, pool equipment including the heater, pump, filter, and electrical components.

The report includes digital photos of the areas of concern. The inspector reviews the areas of concern at the time of the inspection and then you'll receive a link to access the report the same day as the inspection. Our free inspection warranties do not cover the pool. Pool coverage can be purchased through our 18 Month Home Warranty, if desired.

radon testing

Radon Gas is a Carcinogen and is considered a national health problem. Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that occurs naturally everywhere. Radon is present in all homes, regardless of when the home was built or what type of foundation it has. New homes and homes built on slabs are often mistaken as radon-free. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends radon gas testing on the sale of all homes.

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and is a deadly gas emitted from decaying Uranium, entering a house through small cracks and openings. Radon gas is especially high among areas when granite is present, and Atlanta sits upon a large reserve of granite.

We conduct a 48 hour radon gas test utilizing a continuous monitor so results are available immediately upon retrieval of the machine. We conducted an analysis of radon tests completed and statistics are below. In addition, please see the diagram below of how radon enters a home. 

Radon Statistics

Between January 2013 and June 2016, our company conducted over 2000 radon tests in homes around the Metro Atlanta area. Of those tests, 19% had a radon reading of 4.0 pCi/l (picocuries per liter of air) or higher. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Surgeon General strongly recommend taking further action when the home’s radon test results are 4.0 pCi/l or greater. Based on the EPA’s classification, results of 4.0+ are considered as “high”.

There is a common myth that radon levels are low or non-existent depending on the foundation of the home. Based on the tests taken by our company, there were homes with “high” radon on all types of foundations.

  • Basements=24% of homes tested “high”
  • Crawl Space = 8% of homes tested “high”
  • Slab Homes = 4% of homes tested “high”

In addition, homes that were new construction were no less prone to come back with lower radon levels since radon is emitted from the soil and is not dependent on the age of the home’s materials.

Since only 24% of clients elected to have a radon test completed, over 1200 families in the metro area (who completed an inspection with our company between Jan 2013 and June 2016) likely have high radon levels and are unaware of this issue.

The EPA and Your Inspection Team recommend radon testing on every home to uncover any issue with radon. The solution to high radon is the installation of a radon mitigation system and can be completed for a reasonable fee once the issue is identified.


Recent medical studies show that mold is one of the most common causes of allergic symptoms and certain types of mold can cause health disorders. If a structure has visible mold, a strong musty odor, moisture problems, or high humidity problems, mold sampling should be completed. Our inspectors can perform an Indoor Air Quality test or take Surface Samples to determine types of mold present, amount of mold present, and if any health risks exist. Samples are sent to a professional laboratory for analysis and a report will be issued in 3-5 business days.

It is also important to understand why mold is growing in a home. Our inspectors can tell you possible reasons why the home is experiencing a problem with mold growth and what repairs are needed to eliminate mold growth in the home. 

We know mold testing can be confusing! Please read about the different types of testing RIA offers and the pricing for each option. You can also look over our easy to understand sample report. If you are unsure what type of testing to have conducted, your inspector can help you decide onsite, just let our office know!

Surface Testing $175*

If visible mold is present in the home, your RIA inspector can take a surface sample at the area in question. Surface testing includes one physical sample taken at the affected area. If multiple affected areas are present, additional samples may be needed for accuracy.

A surface test will tell you:
What types of harmful indoor molds, if any, are present in the test area.
If any spore exposure risks are present for the occupants due to mold growth.
If the area is “current growth” or “former growth” caused by water intrusion or humidity problems.

Surface testing is recommended when:
There is visible or suspected mold present.
An area that has had previous clean up or removal of mold.

Indoor Air Quality Testing $250*

Some moisture problems and/or mold problems may not be visible and it is important to know that some molds may release spores into the indoor breathing air. Indoor air quality testing includes 1 indoor air sample in the affected area and 1 control/baseline sample on the exterior of the structure. Indoor air samples are recommended at approximately every 800-1000 sq ft. If the affected area is larger than 800-1000 sq ft, or if multiple levels in the structure are of concern, additional samples may be needed.

An air quality test will tell you:

If an abnormal amount of harmful spores are present in the indoor air.
If indoor mold counts are normal and do not pose a risk to indoor air quality.
If there are possible hidden areas of mold growth, water intrusion, or humidity problems.

Indoor air quality testing is recommended when:
There is a concerning musty odor in the home.
Mold or suspected mold growth is visible in the home.
There was a past water intrusion problem.
An occupant of the home is predisposed to respiratory distress.
You want to verify the effectiveness of mold remediation.

Air/Surface Package $270*

This package includes 1 indoor air sample, 1 control/baseline sample on the exterior, and 1 surface test in the affected area. Some molds will release spores into the air and some will not. Combining air and surface testing will ensure that the affected area is properly analyzed.
Each Additional Surface/Air Sample $30

*Trip Fee (if testing not completed during a home inspection) $50

Mold testing

Pete's Friendly Home Inspection recommends a termite, pest, and rodent inspection be completed during due diligence. Even if a home has a termite warranty, most clients choose to have an additional inspector working on their behalf to check for any termite activity not reported by the company with the warranty. In addition to termites, an inspector licensed through the Department of Agriculture will also check for any pest or rodent activity that may cause you future headaches.

You will receive an electronic report with photos the same day as the inspection, detailing any termite, pest, and rodent issues. A termite letter (WDO Report) will be issued, if needed, prior to closing. You will also receive information necessary for a termite treatment and warranty, rodent removal, and pest control on your home. 

The Termite, Pest, and Rodent Inspection is $60 if completed at the same time as the home inspection. Make sure you let our office staff know if you have any questions or would like to add this service.

termite, pest,
& rodent evaluations

After a home inspection is completed, we are available to come back at a reduced rate to make sure any requested repairs were properly made. This helps you ascertain that items noted in the inspection report were repaired correctly and according to current codes. Reinspections help you to further protect your investment and your home from future damage resulting from improper repairs.